Dental Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry is that part of oral / dental care that aims to improve the appearance of your smile. A great smile can do wonders to one’s confidence.

It is not just for celebrities; anybody who is motivated enough to maintain good oral hygiene can get a ‘Hollywood Smile’ with the help of an experienced dentist. At Genesis Dental Care, we offer comprehensive dental solutions for patients of all ages at affordable costs.

Your smile makeover will start with a detailed consultation where we will discuss and plan the various treatment options available to give you the perfect smile of your dreams.

Porcelain crowns

Crowns, or ‘caps’ as they are sometimes referred, to are an ideal way to restore teeth which have been broken or have been weakened by a large filling or dental decay. The crown fits over the remaining part of the tooth, covering it from all surfaces providing adequate strength and natural shape color and contour. There are crowns available which mimic the natural teeth with exact shade and translucency etc.


A dental veneer is a thin shell of porcelain or white filling material (composite) made to fit over the front surface of a tooth to correct worn-out enamel, uneven tooth alignment ,spacing, discoloration, chips, cracks or when somebody wishes to have an ideal smile!

Lumineers / Ultrathin veneers

Just like traditional veneers, they can reshape your smile, close gaps, enhance the appearance the worn out and discolored teeth to give you that perfect smile make over. They are much thinner than traditional veneers and require minimal or no tooth reduction.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the jawbone as an artificial root. This is used to support one or more false teeth. Recent advances have made implant treatment cost-effective and faster than before.


Dental bridges are false teeth which are anchored permanently onto the neighboring teeth in order to replace one or more missing teeth. They offer excellent function and aesthetics. By choosing the latest full ceramic options, you can eliminate any black margins due to gum recession. They can be customized to look exactly like the adjacent teeth.

Teeth Whitening

This is a simple yet highly effective way of lightening the color of the teeth without the need to remove any tooth material.

White fillings

Old unsightly silver fillings can be replaced with tooth colored filling material. Recent advances in technology have made newer white filling materials with properties comparable to silver amalgam. Cosmetic fillings can be done in multiple layers simulating the natural appearance, color and translucency of our own teeth.

Telescopic Dentures

This technique was developed in Germany and it is a real alternative to full arch implant treatment in some cases or conventional dentures by replacing the missing teeth taking support from the remaining dentition. Advantages of this type of denture compared to traditional partial dentures include prevention of bone loss, improved aesthetics and speech. These over-denture systems can last a lifetime and increase the chewing power considerably.

Laser Dentistry

Gums can be sculptured with out the need of conventional scalpel and with minimal bleeding or postoperative discomfort with latest laser technology. Gum reshaping can do wonders on improving the smile in certain cases.

Inman Aligners

This is a faster way to straighten your teeth. Mild to moderate mal-alignments can be corrected with this new clear appliance which can be removed by the patient. Most cases usually complete in 6-16 weeks. This is can be a real affordable alternative to fixed braces. Ask your dentist if the revolutionary Inman aligner is right for you..

Flexible Partial Dentures

Gone are the days of hard and stiff acrylic plates extending to the back of the mouth. Now a revolutionary product called Valplast can replace your missing teeth with flexible partial dentures which offer excellent grip and aesthetics. No wires or fixatives needed.

Titanium Dentures

These are dentures made out of titanium in place of the acrylic plate which are strong and extremely light making it far more comfortable than the conventional options.

Dental Hygienist

Visiting the Dentist and Hygienist regularly is the most important thing you can do to ensure long term oral health.
So you see a visit to our Hygienist is more than just about cleaning and polishing your teeth, which of course is also very important and a major part of the role of our Hygienists. The feeling after a professional clean is amazing and can leave your mouth feeling fresh, clean and revitalised. We can also help you with good oral health habits that you can carry though at home and advise on products that will help you.Did you know that oral cancer can be picked up from these visits, and if treated early enough can be cured?

Also the early stages of gum disease can be identified and treated before it becomes a real problem. Research has shown that gum disease is directly linked to your general health and can be an indicator of serious diseases such as heart disease and strokes.

Our Hygiene Plans

Here at Genesis Dental Care we have a range of Membership Plans to help you budget for your routine dental care, including hygiene specific plans. These hygiene plans start from as little as £4.99 per month and they can be paid for by direct debit, so it is so easy for you to manage your hygiene treatments.

If you are interested in joining our Hygiene Plan please see our separate Membership Plan leaflet that details the costs and what is included, or simply ask a member of our dental team – we are always happy to help you make your choices.